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We gather all the hotels available from over 30 booking sites, therefore we can offer you all prices available for a hotel. Meaning you can see the cheapest price and book from them.

We feature thousands of hotels and the exact number varies from day to day as some hotels book up and so we remove them for those days but an example is we rarely have fewer than 1,500 hotels in London and rarely any fewer than 2,000 in Rome.

We use some of the latest website technology to compare all prices and hotels and we update it daily so you never have to worry about out of date information.

We are a price comparison site with lots of possibilities for finding cheap hotel offers from different partners we work with. If you want to book a hotel offer that you found on our site, click on the offer and we will forward you to the provider in order to process your booking.

We search for the best travel offers from countless online travel providers covering flights, package holidays and hotels. We always assess each offer independently to ensure that not only is the price right, the quality also meets our expectations.

The prices were always available online somewhere - but no one had taken the trouble to search through the internet to find them with a view to publishing them.

Our deals are researched daily and are always bookable at the time of publication. If the price or availability of an offer changes, we'll always show this. As the best offers often have limited availability, you should always act quickly to make sure you don't miss out on a bargain.

This generally happens when only a few seats or rooms are available for the selected journey and several customers attempt to book the same offer at the same time.

Prices are adjusted depending on supply and demand. If flights are empty or hotels are under-occupied, travel providers respond with special offers. If demand returns in response, prices are adjusted upwards accordingly. Travel organisers can adjust their prices several times each day.

You can click on button "Details" or you can find further information by clicking on hotel´s home page link.

The prices displayed in our flight comparison engine are final prices including taxes, charges and payment fees. We recommend that you check the details of the offer at every stage of the booking process. The binding final price is only displayed at the end of the booking process on the relevant booking portal.

Your ticket will generally be issued as an e-ticket within the airline's reservation system. Information, in particular the booking number, will be sent to you by e-mail. You can use the booking number to check in online; and in some cases, that's the only way to do so. When checking in at the airport, you will normally use your personal ID or passport.

Change or cancellation terms can vary depending on the airline or the fare class. Generally, it's not possible to change a ticket without paying a fee.

No, if you miss your outbound flight, you will generally forfeit the return leg. The situation is different if you've booked the outbound and return legs on different itineraries. If that happens, you can miss the outbound leg if you wish.

As our price comparison redirects you to the relevant booking portal, your contract is with the portal you book with and you should contact them if you have any further questions. You can also get in touch with the airline directly.

If you have specific questions on your hotel reservation or booking, payment or cancellation, please contact the supplier you booked your hotel with.

After your booking is made, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your hotel booking. In this e-mail you can see all details of your contract and you will also find the contact of your provider if you want to make any changes to your booking.

Conditions governing changes to bookings vary depending on the booking portal. If you are still uncertain whether you will be able to travel on the booked dates, then you should always make a reservation that offers free cancellations. As our hotel price comparison redirects you to the relevant booking portal, your contract is with the portal you book with and you should contact them if you have any further questions. It may, however, be quicker to resolve some smaller changes by getting in contact with the hotel directly.

Babies and small children can stay in their parents' room for free in many hotels. An extra bed is often available for a small supplement. However, you should review the descriptive text for each hotel on the booking portal to verify the specific details.

Checked in luggage allowance, whether included or purchased as an optional extra will depend on the airline that the holiday is booked with. In regards to cabin luggage, this will also vary from airline to airline. Please contact the travel agent or airline that you book with to find out more.

Please refer to the terms & conditions of the website you decided to book with in order to find out if a credit card is required.

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